Burglary Suspect Offers to Mow Homeowner's Lawn in Exchange for Freedom

Burglary Suspect Offers to Mow Homeowner's Lawn in Exchange for Freedom
Bryan Remley
St Petersburg Police

09/09/2014 AT 08:45 PM EDT

Bryan Remley chose the wrong house to break into.

According to police in St. Petersburg, Florida, the 25-year-old broke into the home of Joseph Cihak on Sept. 3 and began rummaging through his belongings.

Cihak, 31, whose house had been broken into just a week earlier, awoke to the sound of the intruder. He grabbed his pistol – one of two firearms he had in the house – and confronted Remley. According to police, the man charged at him, so he shot at him twice, missing him both times.

But the gunshots were enough to stop Remley in his tracks.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the would-be burglar then tried to make a bizarre bargain. If Cihak would let him go and not call police, Remley would return to the house the next day to mow the lawn.

Not surprisingly, Cihak said no.

Meanwhile, Cihak's wife, Colleen Traversa, was locked in the bedroom and on the phone with 911. "There's an intruder in my house," she told the dispatcher. "I heard some gunshots. We were broken into a couple weeks ago!"

When police arrived on the scene, they found Remley lying on the ground with Cihak standing over him. While searching Remley, police found a 4-inch knife in a holster. They charged Remley with armed residential burglary and violation of probation. He was also held on an outstanding warrant of petty theft.

As for the offer to cut the lawn? Not everyone would have turned him down.

"That probably would have done it for me," police spokesman Mike Puetz said jokingly to the Tampa Bay Times. "But for this particular guy, he wanted to wait for the cops."

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