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106-Year-Old Woman Who Met the Obamas: 'I've Never Been Treated So Nice Before in My Life'

02/24/2016 AT 05:30 PM EST

Virginia McLaurin, 106, is something of an overnight celebrity since video of her dancing at the White House with the President and First Lady went viral this week.

But McLaurin's hardly sporting any red-carpet looks in the spotlight. When she joined PEOPLE Now via Skype on Wednesday, she was in the same blue smock she wears every day as a volunteer foster grandparent – and still not quite over the disbelief of getting to meet the Obamas.

"I didn't think that would ever happen in my life," says McLaurin, who grew up in South Carolina when racial segregation was the law. The fact that it was a black president who invited her to the White House "means there's been a lot of changes since I was born."

"It has changed so much, I feel like I was a bird in a cage and they let me out."

And how, at age 106, does the Washington, D.C. resident find the energy to volunteer 40 hours a week working with local schoolchildren?

"I love children, I love Jesus and it keeps me going. I didn't think I'd ever live to 106."

As for the Obamas' hospitality, McLaurin was gushing almost a full week later: "I've never been treated so nice before in my life."
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