It's the 10-Year Anniversary of Forty Year Old Virgin - Relive the Best Moments!

08/11/2015 AT 02:50 PM EDT

Tuesday, August 11 marks 10 years since the premiere of The 40-Year-Old Virgin starring Steve Carell as the middle aged big box store employee, Andy Stitzer, who had never done the deed.

After he lets his secret slip during a poker game with friends, Paul Rudd, Romany Malco and Seth Rogen - They set out on a quest to turn Carell into a man.

After several painfully awkward encounters - spoiler alert! - Carell falls for single mom, Trish, played by Catherine Keener - and the boys rejoice in an "Age of Aquarius" interpretive dance.

Take a look back at some of the film's best moments - complete with Jane Lynch's character Paula creepin', Carell rockin' out on the tuba and an excruciating yet necessary chest wax.
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