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You'll Never Guess Which Star Saturday Night Live's Aidy Bryant 'Forced' to Hug Her

Saturday Night Live's Aidy Bryant Forced Dennis Rodman to Hug Her
Aidy Bryant
Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBC

02/29/2016 AT 01:35 PM EST

It takes a lot to render Saturday Night Live's Aidy Bryant speechless, but one encounter with Dennis Rodman did just that.

"He is just so tall, and I was just looking up at him and I couldn't say anything," Bryant tells PEOPLE of the former basketball pro who was at SNL for a 2013 appearance on "Weekend Update."

"So I kind of just forced him to hug me but without saying hello or anything like that. I just forced a hug on Dennis Rodman," she recalls.

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While Bryant, 28, is used to working with A-list stars every weekend, there was something about Rodman, 54, that struck her to the point where she couldn't even strike up a conversation.

"I never spoke to him," she tells PEOPLE. "I'm sure he was like, 'Who is this woman, and why is she hugging me?' but I just sort of went in there and stared at him and hugged him. I didn't know what to do."
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