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Alaska: The Last Frontier Couple on Raising Their Baby (Hint: Watch Out for Moose!)


Eve and Eivin Kilcher with baby Findlay

Discovery Channel

10/03/2014 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Raising a baby is challenging enough – but raising a baby in the Alaskan wilderness?

That's exactly what Eve and Eivin Kilcher are doing on the upcoming fourth season of Alaska: The Last Frontier, and the cameras were rolling for every milestone.

The Homer, Alaska, couple welcomed son Findlay within the past year, and are adjusting to life with the infant inside their home, which lacks many amenities most American parents take for granted.

"We choose to live this way and even though it can be hard, we feel it is important to pass on this kind of self-sufficiency to our son," the couple tells PEOPLE via email (yes, they do email).  

The Discovery Channel reality show follows the extended Kilcher clan, homesteaders who lack both plumbing and modern heating while battling Alaska's brutal winters. The family is related to the singer Jewel.

The couple admit their lifestyle requires months of advance planning to adequately provide for their son.

"It takes a lot of wood and coal to keep our house warm through the long winter months," they say. "We also make many of the things we need for our baby and make our own baby foods from fruits and vegetables we have grown."

"Growing up in the Alaskan wilderness gives you a very deep understanding and appreciation of the natural world around you," they add. "It is very important to respect the space the wild animals need for survival."

"When walking home at night we have to watch out for coyotes, bears, wolves and angry moose. As a child I was more scared of being trampled by a moose than eaten by bears or wolves," says Elvin.

The new parents rely on humor to get them through some tough moments, and demonstrate their laid-back approach in this exclusive clip (top) from the upcoming season, which shows the pair giggling and smiling as they care for their son.

"Every day we laugh at something funny Findlay has done or at our own learning as parents," they say. "We both feel laughter is the best way to fight off the exhaustion of being new parents and enjoy this wonderful time in our lives."

The new season of Alaska: The Last Frontier debuts Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Reporting by RENNIE DYBALL

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