Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino Star in Amazon's First Ever Super Bowl Ad: Watch a Teaser (VIDEO)

01/27/2016 AT 04:50 PM EST

The Super Bowl is still over a week away, but the frenzy of star-studded, highly produced commercials are already hitting the Internet.

Released on Wednesday, a 30-second teaser of Amazon's commercial for Echo, a wireless speaker and voice command device, features Alec Baldwin and football Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino brainstorming a "Game Day Party."

After suggesting cheerleaders several times, Marino finally comes up with a good idea: Building a snack stadium.

"Alexa, what's a snack stadium?" Baldwin asks Echo, to which it responds: "a stadium built entirely of snacks." (Sounds like the dream.)

Marino and Baldwin are just two of the latest stars to team up for a goofy Super Bowl spot. Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan star in a series of confusing Bud Light ads, in which they put on panty house, lotion and pins that read "The Bud Light Party."

This is Amazon's first ever Super Bowl commercial.
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