YouTuber Alli Speed Opens Up About the Dark Side of Internet Fame

07/23/2015 AT 03:10 PM EDT

When YouTube superstar Alli Speed created her account in 2005, she could never have imagined the strange – sometimes rewarding, sometimes creepy – experience of being Internet famous.

"Sharing someone's home address – whether or not they are on the Internet or famous in any way – is still an invasion of privacy, so that's a crappy thing that happens," Speed said Thursday at a VidCon panel. "It can be a little too invasive. I think the best way to go about it is just to encourage people to realize that everyone on YouTube is just a person, just like everyone here. We're all just humans, and I would just encourage everyone to have respect for their fellow human."

While Speed understands that it's her choice to put her personal life online (which is now broadcast to over 560,000 subscribers), it's never easy when viewers interpret her openness as an invitation to send hateful comments her way or dig up highly personal information about her and her family.

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"Some people think that [being on YouTube] ... gives them the right to push even further and, like, really dangerously invade and share really personal information," she said.

For aspiring YouTubers who aren't scared off by the invasions of privacy that come with digital stardom, Speed offered some tips for amassing an Internet following. First, accept that you "are your own boss" – and with great power comes great responsibility.

"There's no one telling you you have to do something on a schedule, so you have to be really stern and commit to something," Speed said. "Make a plan for yourself: how often you post, the kind of things you want to post … and make something you really care about."

Reporting by MIKE MILLER
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