Five Things You Didn't Know About Trainwreck's Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer: 5 Things to Know About Trainwreck Star
Amy Schumer
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07/23/2015 AT 04:30 PM EDT

Amy Schumer gives awesome new meaning to the phrase "having a blonde moment."

Thanks to her movie debut in this month's blockbuster Trainwreck – the romantic comedy she wrote based loosely on her hilariously unfortunate dating experiences – and her Emmy-nominated Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, the sweet-faced, potty-mouthed comedian is enjoying a stratospheric rise.

"It's insane!" the 34-year-old New York City native told PEOPLE earlier this year of her breakout success. When it comes to her no-holds-barred brand of comedy, "it doesn't feel like I'm going out on a ledge," she said. "I want to be honest about everything."

In this week's issue, we find out even more about the candid star. Here, five fun factoids on Hollywood's newest leading lady.

1. Some of Trainwreck is based on her childhood
"I was a little fearful," says Schumer of writing her dad Gordon's battle with multiple sclerosis into the comedy's story line. "It's a disease a lot of people don't know anything about but a lot of people have," says Schumer, who was a kid when he was diagnosed. "I knew I was going to write about my dad and our relationship and how [with MS] you don't know what's going to happen – and that's pretty unfair."

2. She started her career as a reality TV star – and Charlie Sheen roaster
"In 2007 she came in fourth on NBC's Last Comic Standing reality competition. Schumer continued to work the stand-up circuit, eventually landing a spot on the dais at Charlie Sheen's 2011 Comedy Central roast. She slayed, and a star was born.

3. Her love life isn't quite what you think
Yes, her bedroom is a huge part of her comedy, but "I'm not very sexually active," Schumer told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. "Over two years I've slept with four people. Not that there'd be anything wrong if I slept with more."

4. She's a classically trained actress
She gets plenty of opportunities to prove her skill with a pratfall on Inside Amy Schumer, but she's also got dramatic chops, having studied theater at New York City's prestigious William Esper Studio drama school.

5. She's a devoted aunt
She nicknamed her toddler niece Ida #thedutchess on social media, where she regularly chronicles their sweet time together.

For more about Amy Schumer, pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday
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