'How Bout Lightin' My Fiya?' Swipe Right! Watch Amy Schumer Use Tinder for the First Time

05/02/2016 AT 04:10 PM EDT

Need help deciding whether to swipe right or left on Tinder? Don't worry, Amy Schumer has your back.

Schumer, 34, helped one Vanity Fair staffer find her perfect Tinder match during Schumer's photo shoot for the magazine's May cover story.

"Full [disclosure] I've never used Tinder," said Schumer before opening the dating app – but it didn't take her long to get the hang of things.

As Schumer began swiping right for yes and left for no on different profiles, she quickly started pointing out a few "red flags" she came across.

"You're 35, like, I'm 25," she joked, insinuating that one man was lying about his age. "Your name's Niall, no," she said while looking at another.

When Schumer came across one man who listed "comedian" as his occupation, she quickly warned against matching with him.

"That's a huge red flag," she said. "I know that from people trying to date me."

Ultimately, Schumer matched the staffer with a few lucky guys and sent them rather interesting Tinder messages to try and get their attention.

"How bout lightin my fiya?" she wrote to a firefighter, and, "What's the dilly wit yo dog? Name? Breed?" to another man.

Watch the hilarious video above to see who Schumer chatted up the most.
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