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Anna Faris Reveals the One Person She Wishes She'd Warned About Mom's Shocking Plot Twist

02/25/2016 AT 04:00 PM EST

Anna Faris was pleasantly surprised by the reaction she got from fans after the shocking plot twist on last week's episode of Mom.

"I knew it would be an impactful storyline, but there have been so many people who have reached out because they have been touched by the opiate epidemic," Faris tells PEOPLE of the feedback she's received since Emily Osment's character Jodi died from an overdose during last Thursday's episode.

The death of Jodi is a storyline that is particularly personal to Faris – who says she had "something similar" happen in her "social circle a while ago" – but she is "grateful" that she's been given the opportunity to tell such important stories on her CBS comedy. Though she admits she sometimes feels "unqualified" to listen to her fans' reactions.

"People would come up to me on the street before, but it was always about some ridiculous thing I did in a Scary Movie," she says. "Now, they want to tell me their story. That has never really happened to me before."

Though Faris was informed about Jodi's death the week before the episode was shot, she had been sworn to secrecy. But since the episode aired, she feels there is one person she should have told: her mother.

"My mom is really impacted by the show and I forgot to tell her," she says. "My dad just called and told me, 'Anna, she has been really rocked by what happened.' And I thought, 'Oh man. The one person I should have leaked it to. I should have told my mom.' "

But Faris is appreciative that her mother was so emotional about the storyline.

"Even though my mom knows we are all playing characters, it still resonated on an emotional level for her," she says. "In a twisted way, it's a compliment that the show affected people so profoundly."

Though Mom will continue to be a comedy, the impact of Jodi's death will continue to play out throughout the rest of the season.

"Our show doesn't let things go. There's a lot of guilt and anger that has to be worked out," says Faris. "But the characters adapt and find ways to laugh through the pain – and that feels very much like human nature to me."

Mom airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on CBS.
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