Apple and Facebook Will Pay for Employees to Freeze Their Eggs

Apple and Facebook Will Pay for Employees to Freeze Their Eggs
Apple and Facebook
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10/15/2014 AT 03:30 PM EDT

Apple and Facebook will now offer elective egg freezing as part of their employees' benefits package.

The social media giant recently began offering the benefit, while tech manufacturer Apple plans to institute the perk starting in January, reports NBC News.

"Apple cares deeply about our employees and their families, and we are always looking at new ways our health programmes can meet their needs," the company said in a statement.

"We continue to expand our benefits for women, with a new extended maternity leave policy, along with cyropreservation and egg storage as part of our extensive support for infertility treatments."

The statement concluded: "We want to empower women at Apple to do the best work of their lives as they care for loved ones and raise their families."

Egg freezing can be pricey – it costs at minimum $10,000, with an additional yearly fee for storing the eggs, according to The Atlantic.

The companies have both said they will cover up to $20,000 in costs.

"This is a nice perk but of course it's a very personal decision for every working woman. When to time college, grad school, babies, starting a career, accelerating a career – all of these have huge ramifications in your life and that of your significant other," Women in Technology's Kellye Sheehan told USA Today.

Added Sheehan: "Is the employer trying to tell us something? Agreed, working mothers have a lot to juggle. But you can't let your employer force you into something that doesn't fit your values or personal choices."

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