Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorses John Kasich for President

Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorses John Kasich for President
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03/07/2016 AT 12:00 PM EST

Hey, Marco Rubio? Remember when Arnold said he'd endorse you first?

He lied.

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has at last weighed in on the 2016 presidential race, endorsing Ohio Governor John Kasich (on Snapchat, of all places) and joining the candidate at a rally in Columbus, Ohio.

"I want John Kasich to be the next nominee of the Republicans and also to be the next president of the United States. Here he is," said Schwarzenegger.

"Thanks, Arnold. Love you, man," Kasich responded. The endorsement comes at a crucial time for Kasich, who's running fourth in most GOP races.

The Governator lauded Kasich's efforts as the House Budget Committee Chairman and his record with taxes and job creation, saying he's been a fan of Kasich's since the '80s.

"He was the action hero," said Schwarzenegger. "Right now, we need leadership like that ... we need John Kasich to take charge and be at the White House."

Interestingly, Arnold will be replace-inating Kasich's rival (and the GOP frontrunner) Donald Trump as the host of Celebrity Apprentice. We'll see if he can make Celebrity Apprentice great again.
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