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Ashley Monroe Plays Two Truths and a Lie

Ashley Monroe Plays Two Truths and a Lie
Ashley Monroe
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08/11/2015 AT 05:40 PM EDT

You already know Ashley Monroe is Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's bestie thanks to their post-divorce Tweets about how great Monroe's new album, The Blade, is (now, that's friendship!). But how well do you really know Monroe?

If you want the scoop on the Tennessee-born singer, play a round of the classic get-to-know-you game Two Truths and a Lie.

Two of the below statements are true, one isn't. Can you guess the lie?

A) Elvis' signature is tattooed on my hip.

B) I play classical piano.

C) I'm a vegan.

Ashley Monroe Plays Two Truths and a Lie| Country, Ashley Monroe, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert

A.) Elvis' signature is tattooed on my hip – TRUE!
"I just love Elvis. I was 18, it was my second tattoo, and I just thought, 'What I'm going to do is get his signature!' And there's a little crown around it and it has jewels in it for the king. I still don't regret it. I'll always love Elvis. And he's not here to let me down either, so it's done."

B.) I play classical piano – TRUE!
"I started playing I think when I was 7 years old. I was in competitions with seniors in high school when I was like 10. I was really, really, really into it. When my dad died everything switched and nobody could take me to piano lessons, so I thought, I'll just be a country music singer. Looking back, piano recitals taught me a lot about pressure. I loved classical music back then – loved it, was obsessed with it – I still listen to it. I listen it to a lot when I'm in the bathtub or just need to hear music with no words."

C.) I'm a vegan – FALSE!
"People always ask me if I'm vegetarian and they assume I am, I don't know why. I'm like, 'Gosh no, I love meat!' I actually get tickled at the thought of that being true! One time I tried and I lasted half the day and then was like, I've got to eat meat. Oh my gosh, I love steak."

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