#AveryStrong: Nebraska Assistant Chris Harriman's 7-Year-Old Son Battles Cancer (VIDEO)

09/01/2014 AT 10:05 AM EDT

Avery Harriman is 7 years old. He's the son of University of Nebraska assistant basketball coach Chris Harriman. And, sadly, he's had lymphoblastic leukemia since he was 2.

"There's no way to sugarcoat it," Harriman told CBS Sports. "It's a bad deal."

After a successful bone-marrow transplant in 2012, Avery was cancer-free for 18 months – only to relapse for a second time in July. He has been hospitalized ever since.

Last week, though, Avery got some very good news: He could go home from the hospital. And while his battle is far from over, the video of Avery's overjoyed reaction understandably has gone viral.

This week, Avery is again due back in the hospital, for another bone-marrow biopsy

"The best-case scenario is he has to go through another transplant, and we know he might not get through it," Harriman continued. "So even the best-case scenario is scary as s---."

Fortunately, the Harrimans have a perfect bone-marrow match in a stranger from California, Andrew Cussen, who has promised he'll be there again if the Harrimans need him.

Please keep Avery in your thoughts, and remember, everyone can be #AveryStrong in his or her own life.

#AveryStrong: Nebraska Assistant Chris Harriman's 7-Year-Old Son Battles Cancer (VIDEO) | Good Deeds, Around the Web, Real People Stories

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