The Bachelorette: Andi's Search for Love Begins – But Not Without Drama

Andi Dorfman Bachelorette Premiere Recap
Andi Dorfman and her bachelors
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05/19/2014 AT 11:00 PM EDT

Time to break out the bouquet of roses and pop some champagne – The Bachelorette is back, and if the premiere is any indication, Chris Harrison's promise of "the most dramatic season ever" may be accurate.

On this season's quest to find love is Andi Dorfman, the Atlanta-based assistant district attorney who famously dumped Juan Pablo Galavis after a "nightmare" fantasy suite date (and his overuse of the phrase "It's okay") on the latest installment of The Bachelor. This time around, Dorfman, 27, is faced with 25 eligible men – and they pulled out all the stops during their first night at the mansion.

Are you into hopeless romantics? Brett, who stole a lamp from his hotel room as a gift for Andi, might be your frontrunner. A fan of muscles? You'll surely be impressed by Cody's display of strength as he pushed his stalled limo up the driveway – popped collar and all. And if you prefer your men a little on the cheesy side, there's Jason, who won the award for most cringe-worthy pick-up line: "I think you have a fever, 'cause you're looking pretty hot."

And the First Impression Rose Goes To ...

If we had to give out our own first impression rose, it would go to Emil, who clearly forgot to study up on how to romance a woman during the limo ride. Here's how he explained the pronunciation of his name during his initial meeting with Andi: "Like 'anal' with an 'm'." (Hey, we didn't say it had to be a good first impression.)

The actual first impression rose, however, went to Nick V., who won over Dorfman after chatting about his large family. Two other favorites: Marcus, whom she called "hot" multiple times throughout the night, and Josh M., who perfectly fit into her usual "type."

But the main draw – especially on night one – is the drama, and this evening was full of it, thanks to former Bachelorette contestant Chris Bukowski. After Bukowski showed up unannounced, Harrison and the producers were thrown for a loop. Andi, however, wasn't conflicted, saying out of fairness to the rest of the guys she didn't want to meet Bukowski (maybe his previous behavior on Bachelor Pad was still fresh in her mind). After some emotional begging, Bukowski took the rest of his dignity and headed off into the sunset, still looking for his true love ... or another season of reality TV.

On a more serious note, the show paid tribute to contestant Eric Hill, who died in a paragliding accident after filming. His death rocked the entire Bachelorette family, and Dorfman admitted she was "devastated" upon hearing the news. This season will be dedicated to his memory.

And with that, we're off on another journey to find love. One final word of advice to the men vying for Andi's heart: Whatever you do, don't tell her "It's okay."

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