The Bachelorette's Brady Jokes About the 'Real Reason' He and Britt Broke Up: 'We Had No Real Celebrity Couple Mashup Name'

The Bachelorette: Brady Toops Jokes About Britt Nilsson Split
Brady Toops and Britt Nilsson
Rick Rowell/ABC

07/22/2015 AT 03:10 PM EDT

Bachelorette fans were shocked to learn that Brady Toops and Britt Nilsson ended their romance shortly after stepping away from the cameras – despite the "going strong" updates that ABC aired each week.

"Everything on paper was perfect," Nilsson, who her chance at finding love this season to Kaitlyn Bristowe in the premiere, told PEOPLE of why their relationship only lasted a few weeks. "But we didn't have that connection I was looking for. That was a hard conclusion."

In an Instagram post Tuesday, Toops, 33, teased that the truth behind their breakup had more to do with their lack of a cute couple's name like Bennifer or Brangelina.

Since I wasn't on "Men Tell All" to clear things up, and since a lot of people have been asking lately, "If you & @brittkarolina are saying such nice things about each other, then WHY didn't it work out?" In light of that, I thought I'd help clear the air and give you the 4 real (behind the scenes) reasons it didn't work out: 1. We had no real celebrity couple mashup name.. Britt(y), Brad(itt). See, there was almost no chance. This was probably the beginning of the end when we realized this. 2. Britt is afraid of heights, and not only am I afraid of heights, but I'm actually afraid of her being afraid of heights. That obviously couldn't work. 3. Once we left the show, they didn't give us any roses. How are we suppose to figure this thing out without any roses? for you haters out there, I did actually buy her flowers.. 4. Apparently I needed some more inspiration for my next record, because we all know that break-up records are the records you can't stop listening to (ex. Sam Smith - "In the Lonely Hour", Adele - "21", Coldplay - "Ghost Stories"). Stay tuned. Anyway, I hope this helps. Even though it's sad that Britt & I are no longer together, I want to thank everyone for all the love & support you've shown us. She's a special girl and deserves nothing but the best. I'm glad we're still friends (notice the side hug in the pic ). Peace & Love!

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"We had no real celebrity couple mashup name.. Britt(y), Brad(itt)," the musician captioned a shot of the exes walking embracing on a beach. "See, there was almost no chance. This was probably the beginning of the end when we realized this"

Also on his tongue-in-cheek list? The 27-year-old waitress's fear of heights and the fact that their are no dramatic rose ceremonies in the real world.

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