Balloons Released at Oklahoma Father's Grave Travel 25 Miles Back to His Widow and Daughter

Balloons Released in Father's Memory Makes 25-Mile Trip Home
Saige and Sandy Seibold

08/04/2015 AT 03:30 PM EDT

On the first Father's Day since her dad's death, 13-year old Saige Seibold and her mother, Sandy Seibold, decided to release several balloons near his grave. Saige also tied a note to the balloons asking whoever found it to contact her.

When the pair returned to their home in Cement, Oklahoma, they got the surprise of a lifetime: The note had traveled 25 miles back to them.

The mother and daughter are still mourning the loss of 43-year-old Johnny Seibold, who died of pancreatic cancer, NBC News reports.

"He was diagnosed in September," Sandy told Oklahoma's KFOR. "He passed away in May."

"He’s a great person," Saige added through tears.

Sandy came up with the idea to honor his memory by releasing balloons near his grave on Father's Day.

"We thought the idea of sending balloons to heaven sounded good," she told the news outlet.

Soon after the balloons were released, they got tangled in a power line, which immediately upset Saige.

"I just remember praying, 'Please God. Let these balloons fly for her,' " Sandy told the news station.

A gust of wind then caught the balloons and they flew out of sight.

Sandy and Saige left the cemetery and ran errands for a few hours before making the 25-mile trip back to Cement.

When they returned home, Saige walked down to the pasture where she and her father would work together.

In an amazing twist of fate, she then saw the note she had released hours earlier tangled in a fence.

"What are the chances?" Sandy said. "I think I started crying. It felt like a message from him."

Sandy added, "It has given us a lot of peace and just feeling good about where he's at," Sandy said.
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