The World Needs to Know: What Color Was Bernie Sanders' Suit at the Democratic Debate?

Bernie Sanders' Suit at Democratic Debate Inspires Twitter Speculation
Bernie Sanders
Alexander Tamargo/Getty

03/10/2016 AT 11:10 AM EST

Finally, finally, we have our new #TheDress, America – and it comes courtesy of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

During Wednesday night's Democratic debate, the Internet was buzzing not about Sanders' and Hillary Clinton's views on immigration or Donald Trump, but about the mystery of the color of Sanders' suit.

Dedicated detectives took to Twitter to pick a side on the matter and ended up unable to agree on whether the suit was blue, brown or black, although Team Brown seemed to be in the lead for most of the night.

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Sanders' rapid response director Mike Casca quickly weighed in on the debate, confirming on Twitter that the senator's suit was blue, and then, hours later, writing that it was in fact black – a mix-up which only increased the uncertainty surrounding the political puzzle.

Our best guess is that Sanders' suit is a metaphor for politics in general: Everybody has a different vision of how things should be (and will start Twitter fights to prove their vision is right).
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