Bill Murray Shows Up in the Audience on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Just Because

03/12/2016 AT 12:00 PM EST

The magic and mystery of Bill Murray is that sometimes he stars in Academy Award-winning films and comedy classics and sometimes he shows up in the audience of Late Show with Stephen Colbert, just for a teeny tiny little bit.

Murray's bit on Friday's episode went like this: As Colbert opened his show, he interrupted himself to ask a sleeping man, who was sprawled across multiple chairs and the stage, if the man could compose himself.

Except that man was Murray!

The legendary comedian then "woke up," was for some reason carrying a suit bag and wearing shorts and a ball cap, and walked off with the woman sitting next to him.

How to explain it?

Murray, 65, has crashed kickball games and bachelor parties. Crashing CBS was only a matter of time.
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