Another Bouncy House Blows Away, Injuring 2 Children Stuck Inside (VIDEO)

Bounce House Blows Away in Colorado, Children Injured
Bouncy slide blows off stakes

updated 06/02/2014 AT 04:15 PM EDT

originally published 06/02/2014 AT 02:45 PM EDT

A scary surprise interrupted the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree in Littleton, Colorado. According to KUSA, a bouncy slide at the event was blown from its restraints and began to roll away with two children trapped inside.

Onlookers watched in shock as the momentum of the slide threw a girl from the attraction eight feet into the air. The slide continued to tumble another 200 to 300 feet toward a nearby field before coming to a stop.

"We're on the sidelines of the parents watching the game and then out of the side saw the bouncy house come over and everybody running for it to get out of the way," Aleah Horstman told KUSA.

At the time, bystanders were unaware that there was still a boy stuck inside the inflatable structure. Authorities arrived to the scene shortly after the incident to treat the two children involved. The girl was treated and released at the scene, while the boy was taken to a nearby hospital for minor injuries.

Officials believe the slide was blown off its support by powerful gusts in the area. This is the second time in the past month that an inflatable attraction has taken flight, causing multiple injuries. In May, strong winds sent a bounce house 50 feet into the air, dropping two children at 15 feet.

Another Bouncy House Blows Away, Injuring 2 Children Stuck Inside (VIDEO)| Real People Stories

The errant bouncy house

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