5-Year-Old Dressed as Batman Comes to Rescue of Toddler Trapped in Hot Car: 'I Always Feel Like a Superhero'

5-Year-Old Dressed as Batman Rescues Toddler Trapped in Car

07/20/2015 AT 05:25 PM EDT

When a toddler trapped in a hot car in Sussex, England, couldn't be helped by police last week, an unlikely hero came to her rescue: Five-year-old Zavi Ahmed, who had dressed up as his favorite superhero, Batman, for a trip with his mom to the grocery store.

According to Sussex police, John Penny, 68, and his wife, Caroline Penny, 57, were loading groceries into their Volkswagen Beetle last Tuesday in a Tesco market parking lot in Uckfield, East Sussex, when the door suddenly locked with the keys inside. The Pennys' 1-year-old granddaughter, Iris Adamski, was sleeping in the back seat of the sweltering car.

Police smashed open the rear window, but they could not fit inside the car to open the door or reach the keys. Zavi, who was in the parking lot with his mother, Emma Ahmed, 32, offered to help. The mini Caped Crusader, who was with his 2-year-old brother, Nadeen, who was dressed as Superman, offered to squeeze through the gap and retrieve the keys.

"It really was a case of Batman to the rescue," John told the Mirror.

Emma, a schoolteacher, said that Zavi had begged her that morning to allow him to dress up as his favorite superhero.

"Of all days for him to dress up and that happens," she told reporters. "We couldn't believe it."

John said he had just put Iris' stroller in the car when the door mysteriously locked. It took 45 minutes for his sleeping granddaughter to be rescued.

"Iris is so happy to be rescued by Batman," he later said. "If she gets married that [“story”] will definitely be told at her wedding."

As for Zavi, he told reporters the next day, "I always feel like a superhero. But that day was special."
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