Why There's No Place Like a Tour Bus for Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert Let It Ride Tour: Things to Know
Brantley Gilbert
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09/19/2014 AT 04:10 PM EDT

With Brantley Gilbert set to kick off the second leg of his Let It Ride tour on Friday in Austin, Texas, we caught up with the singer to find out what life on the road is really like.

Here is what he spilled.

The last thing I do before I take the stage is …
"Pray. We always pray as a band."

The first thing I do when I get off the stage is …
"I'm covered in sweat, so I go right in the shower. Then I go sign [Brantley Gilbert] Nation flags for an hour and a half to two hours."

The least glamorous thing about touring is …
"A lot of people ask us what it's like to travel the country, but most of the time all we see is a highway, tour bus, dressing room and a stage. And for years it seemed we were always parked next to a dumpster! It was kind of a joke, no matter where the venue, we were around back next to a dumpster."

My tour menu is …
"A lot of pizza and a lot of takeout, but I like it that way. I'm an unhealthy eater at times."

The coolest thing about my tour bus is …
"This is the first one that I've had a hand in designing. I spend more time on a tour bus than anyone I've ever seen. It's got some cool blue lights that we have on when we're just chilling. And it's got a pretty good shower, and I'm a shower fanatic. But I'm the furthest thing in existence from a diva. If it gets me wet, I'm good."

What I miss about touring when I'm at home …
"I've got the bus in my driveway, so sometimes when I'm at home, I end up sleeping in there. It happens more often than not, actually. It really feels like home to me. I'm OCD, it's a smaller space, so it's easy to keep it spotless. For a while I had my little brother as a roommate, and I'd get home and the house just would not be straight, so in order to avoid getting lined up for disorderly conduct and just whipping the dog mess out of him, I'd stay on the bus."

My favorite thing about touring (besides performing) is …
"When I was younger I always liked RVs. I just like being on the move, it's like if the bus is moving, I'm being productive. It gives me some me time and also time to write."

The little piece of home I always have with me on the road is …
"My dog Sylo. He's an American Bulldog and he has his own all-access pass. And he gets brushed every morning, so he doesn't shed all over everything. If there's a diva on the road with us, it's him!"

Click here for Gilbert's upcoming tour dates.

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