The Best Answers from Brian Williams's Facebook Q&A

Brian Williams Does Facebook Q&A
Brian Williams
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10/02/2014 AT 02:15 PM EDT

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams did a Facebook Q&A Wednesday, and the evening turned out to be a wonderful mix of absurd ("Who is your favorite member of NWA?") and serious ("What story have you covered in your career has stuck with you the most?"). Some other NBC personalities showed up to banter with Williams, as well.

Here are the best bits – both illuminating and entertaining – from the Q&A. Williams said he'll do another, "but only by popular demand," so keep an eye out.

Does the orchestral intro music get you as pumped up for the news as it does for me?
"Yes – and in the studio, we play the dance mix."

Biggie or Tupac?
"I don't want to stir up trouble with Big's existing crew ... but The Pac has been my guy."

Savannah Guthrie: Hi, Brian. Thanks for filling in for me on Today. I know you borrowed my dressing room. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, I'm now missing several lip glosses. Do you know anything about that?
"Funny. Are all those shoes yours? Have you considered giving to a shoe bank? How's the baby?"

What story have you covered in your career has stuck with you the most?
"I think .. and it's close ... it will always be Katrina ... just because it bonded me with that fantastic place and we saw such profound suffering ... our own people were failed by their own Government in such a profound way. It was hard to watch – but an honor to tell their stories."

Hi Brian! I'm a journalism student and I'm graduating in the spring. What is your best piece of advice for a new graduate entering the field?
"Be able to write fast and reflexively like breathing. If it's for you as a career ... it's like falling in love or anything else ... you'll know it."

Carson Daly: Hi Brian, longtime viewer, first time FB poster. How much do you drink when you fly? A lot, right? You must! The world's a crazy place. Tell the truth, we'll understand...
Carson Daly, ladies and gentlemen! The man, the myth, the LEGEND. I love me some Today Show Carson, but I REALLY love the nighttime show ... ALWAYS intros each segment in a leather jacket, in a bar with mirrors and a vast collection of random light fixtures ... always shot from four camera angles ... 'In our Spotlight tonight' are among the greatest words in television. I love me some Carson. Anyway: I don't drink! So – when flying, hydrate!"

Why haven't any network channels covered the agreement in Afghanistan requiring our soldiers remain there for at minimum 10 more years? Why did our Congress not debate this issue?
A fair point and a fair criticism ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that the Sofa Agreement in Iraq is now circling back in the news as our pilots are back at work there ... conducting air missions as I type this. Have been to both places many times ... covered both wars ... and both are equally important to our foreign policy.

What do you think of volunteer fire departments?
They are the backbone of our country. No matter how big or fancy we get, the truth is in most American communities – outside of our big cities: When you have a fire in your home, it's your neighbors who drop what they are doing, get out of bed and risk their lives to put the fire out. It's a pure public service. I miss doing it every day. Thank you for the question.

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