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Brooke Burke-Charvet: 'I'm Really Comfortable in My Skin Now in My Forties'

Brooke Burke-Charvet Believes Happiness is a Choice
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04/19/2016 AT 04:00 PM EDT

Confidence has not always come easy to Brooke Burke-Charvet, but the model-turned-actress is feeling better than ever in her forties.

"I'm really comfortable in my skin now," Burke-Charvet, who's encouraging women to #SeizeYourPoiseMoment with the Poise brand and not allow LBL (Light Bladder Leakage) – a condition that affects one in three women to stop them from living a full and happy life – tells PEOPLE.

She continues, "I think it was harder younger . . . Being in the modeling world and being in the industry can bring a lot of pressure, but I'm very comfortable, and I always tell women to embrace who they are at every size and every weight."

In addition to her blog, ModernMom, and her online cooking series, Breaking Bread," Burke-Charvet teaches a "Booty Burn" fitness class "for love and for passion" – and is making it her mission to encourage women of all sizes to feel their best.

"At the end of our cool-down and our breaths, I always say 'Give yourself a compliment and hear it and believe it and bring in only positive thoughts' because I think our body really listens to all of our thoughts," she says. "I think women are so hard on us, so I don’t let the pressure of society or the industry affect me."

And the best advice that Burke-Charvet could give herself is plain and simple: "Just staying happy, being happy, choosing to be happy – which is a choice."

The star also always focuses on the bright side. "I think guilt is also a choice, and I think beating yourself up is also a choice, so I think that's a decision," she says.
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