Brother of Paralyzed 'Affluenza Teen' Victim Makes Passionate Request: 'We Need Help'

02/19/2016 AT 09:30 PM EST

My brother's keeper.

On Friday, Alex Lemus, whose brother Sergio Molina was left paralyzed after Ethan Couch hit him, and killed four others in a drunk driving accident, has made an emotional plea on behalf of his family.

In a video from Star Telegram, Lemus holds a press conference, asking that justice really be served by Couch helping the family, as they do their best to take care of Molina.

"What you see here today, this is my brother … this is how he's portrayed to live the rest of his life," Lemus said as Molina sat to his brother's right in a wheelchair, barely able to move, and unable to make eye contact. "Take a look. Y'all have not been to my house and seen what we have to change. Everyday what we have to do with my brother in order for him to stay stable like this. Alive. Breathing."

He continued, "The reason we're doing this is so y'all can see that we need help, man."

Lemus continued, noting that Couch and his family – who used his wealthy upbringing as a defense in court – have "so much money," but have not offered to help pay for anything.

"They need to pay. They need to fund something. We need some help," Lemus added. "Not justice. I just want some help. The laws gonna do what they're gonna do. It's already been done. I told Ethan Couch, and his father, and his mother, I told all of them, 'Y'all won.'

"That being said, tell the world, it's not right! So what, 20 days, 128 days in county … that's nothing. Look at my brother … he's doing more than 10 years on probation. Hopefully he forgives himself, forgives us, and helps us, since he's got so much money. Put on there, what you can."

Couch was spared jail time when his lawyers said that his wealthy background made him unable to understand the consequences of his actions. He was sentenced to 10 years probation, which prohibited him from driving, doing drugs or drinking alcohol. However, potentially incriminating video footage was shared on Twitter, showing Couch at a party where drinking games were being played.

The 18-year-old and his mother fled to Mexico where they spent several weeks in the resort town of Puerto Vallarta, until they were caught by officials.

On Friday, PEOPLE confirmed that Couch's case – which was being handled in juvenile court – will be transferred to adult court following his 19th birthday in April.
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