Hula Hooper Defies Expectations, Physics with Incredible Routine (VIDEO)


Caitlin Hofer, aka IsoPuppy

07/16/2014 AT 07:30 AM EDT

Remember this video the next time you struggle to keep a hula hoop around your hips for more than 30 seconds.

Caitlin Hofer is a 21-year-old from Santa Cruz, California, who takes hula hooping very seriously.

How seriously? Well, working under the stage name IsoPuppy, she picked up an international award from (yes, it's a thing) last year for Newbie Hooper of the Year.

Watching this nearly six-minute routine, in which Hofer manipulates two hula hoops into a dizzying array of configurations, all seemingly without breaking a sweat, it's not hard to understand why she's garnered recognition from her peers in the notoriously competitive hula-hooping community.

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