Funny Video: Clumsy Cat Finally Masters Its Hammock

updated 07/03/2014 AT 08:00 PM EDT

originally published 07/04/2014 AT 07:15 AM EDT

All it took was a little purrseverance.

After four months of fighting, Timo the kitty has finally learned how to climb into his cat hammock. YouTube user Xiedubbel shared Timo's important milestone online and now the goofy longhair's journey has gone viral.

The video starts with Timo's initial struggles against gravity. Unfamiliar with swinging furniture, this determined kitty gets continually dumped on the floor. Timo deals with these embarrassing spills for months, until finally it clicks. Like learning to ride a bicycle, once this feline figures out the hammock's mechanics, he never forgets them.

Now Timo can look forward to a long summer of sweet, swinging relaxation.

Funny Video: Clumsy Cat Finally Masters Its Hammock| Animals & Pets, Funny Pet Videos, Funny Pets, Pet Videos

Rafael C. Torres / Reuters / Landov

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