YouTube Star CeeDotCee Wants to Know Why Beyoncé Went Back: 'We Were Ready to Throw Lemons at Jay Z's Car'

04/27/2016 AT 02:30 PM EDT

Should Beyoncé decide to launch a non-musical attack on husband Jay Z, YouTube star CeeDotCee is armed and ready.

The Beyhive member – whose video response to Beyoncé's Lemonade has gone viral – tells PEOPLE Now that she has a few questions about the themes of infidelity in the singer's new visual album.

"Beyoncé, I mean, I know you married but you had to go back? Cause we were ready," she jokes. "We had knives, we had lemons, we were ready to throw lemons at Jay Z's car."

CeeDotCee acquiesces that if Jay Z did cheat, she does understand why the couple would stay together: "You got a child, you want to keep the family together... it's all about family, it's all about love."

She adds of Beyoncé's relationship message, "Fight for it if it's worth it, if it's a marriage. If he put that rock on the finger then fight for it, if it's a boyfriend or something you might wanna let that go."

The online comedian is also sharing her guess for who might be Jay Z's alleged partner in crime, the now-infamous "Becky with the good hair".

"I noticed something in the 'Hold Up' video, Beyoncé smashed the window and there was a pink wig in the window," CeeDotCee says. "Now Rita Ora is known to have some pink wigs. I don't know..."

Ora, for her part, has denied any wrongdoing, writing on Twitter, Tuesday, "I never usually address tabloid gossip but let me be clear, these rumours are false," she wrote. "I have nothing but the utmost respect for Beyonce. Let's continue enjoying Lemonade."
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