Charlie Hunnam Asks Fans to Stop Attacking His Girlfriend: 'She Is an Intelligent, Beautiful, Kind Person'

Charlie Hunnam Asks Female Fans to Stop Attacking Girlfriend Morgana McNelis
Charlie Hunnam with girlfriend Morgana McNelis in 2012
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updated 03/10/2016 AT 08:45 AM EST

originally published 03/09/2016 AT 04:00 PM EST

Charlie Hunnam has an important message for his fans: leave his girlfriend alone.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, the actor has asked fans to stop online harassment of his longtime girlfriend, jewelry designer Morgana McNelis.

"It has been brought to my attention that there is a group of immature girls posting a large number of hard messages aimed at my long time girlfriend," the Sons of Anarchy actor wrote on Facebook fan page run by a friend. "I would respectfully ask you to stop doing this. She is an intelligent, beautiful, kind person who just tried to live a simple life and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry."

Hunnam, 35, went on to write that if people wanted to "talk shit" they should do so about him, but not his girlfriend.

"What is most confusing is that these negative and totally unprovoked attacks appear to be coming from the people who call themselves my fans," wrote Hunnam. "Think about the logic of this for a moment. This is a girl I love very much and have spent the last eleven years of my life with and hope to spend the next sixty years. She has been my loyal and supportive partner long before I had any success or money. Why would you attack her out of admiration for me? It makes no sense."

The post, written March 3, is no longer available on his fan Facebook page, but can be read at the Sons of Anarchy fansite SOA Fanatic. Hunnam posted a video message confirming the authenticity of the post after some fans questioned if it were real.

Hey guys. Last week I posted an extract from an email that was sent to us for the attention of " the ladies of social media" asking that these ladies respectfully stop with the extremely vile things being said about his lady. This Video is for them and other disbelievers who said the email was fake, also he gives his take on social media. Have a fabulous week everyone. Don't fret all, we'll be getting him to give all you lovely people a shoutout soon.

Posted by Charlie Hunnam on Monday, March 7, 2016

McNelis followed up with a post on her company Maison de Morgana's Facebook page, saying she was touched by women who had written in positive messages.

"I just wanted to say I very deeply appreciate all of the kind words said in my defense. I feel infinite gratitude for all of the support that is being shown towards my relationship and business," McNelis wrote. "The outpouring of positivity gave me courage to keep being vulnerable and to continue to put myself and my designs out into the universe. It's so encouraging and comforting to know that there are classy, smart, beautiful, compassionate women in this world supporting other women. I couldn't do this without you ladies."
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