Chris Brown Appears to Take Partial Credit (Then Gives It Back) for Donald Trump Canceling Chicago Rally

Chris Brown on Donald Trump Canceling Chicago Rally Over Protests
Chris Brown

03/12/2016 AT 10:55 AM EST

Chris Brown has some thoughts about what happened at Donald Trump's Chicago rally Friday night.

Taking to Instagram Friday night into early Saturday, Brown, 26, shared a series of posts about the Trump rally and its aftermath. The first was a screenshot of a headline that appeared to link his own statements to the hundreds of protestors who turned out Friday.

"Chris' voice/opinion is so powerful," it read. "Yesterday: Chris suggested going to presidential rallies in huge groups. Tonight: hundreds of people are in the streets of Chicago opposing Trump."

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Fans and critics alike debated if the singer was really the cause of the protests in the comments and Brown clarified his earlier post, screenshotting one of his comments: "Even if it's not for me, the message doesn't change, vote, be aware, be articulate, be heard!!!!!!!!"

Brown's third post, a video, published between the other two, advised any protestors to avoid violence.

"I'm glad to see us as a people starting to use our voice more," Brown said. "All I can is just no violence, man, no violence. Go to these rallies, protest man, just vote, speak for what is right. Hey I'm sitting here like everybody else, but do the right thing."


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Following the Trump rally cancellation, and the resulting altercations between attendees, Trump's fellow presidential nominees uniformly condemned his rhetoric and "divisive" message.

Speaking to CNN's Don Lemon, Trump said afterward, "I hope that my tone is not that of causing violence."
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