How Chris Pratt Came to the Rescue on the The Magnificent Seven Set

How Chris Pratt Came to the Rescue on  the The Magnificent Seven Set
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04/12/2016 AT 12:40 AM EDT

When things got tough on the set of The Magnificent Seven, director Antoine Fuqua says the cast looked to Chris Pratt to keep their spirits up.

"Chris kept the energy up," Fuqua told PEOPLE at the 9th annual Night of Opportunity Gala in New York on Monday. "At 110 degrees, storms all the time, 200 horses, people everywhere, you're happy when Chris comes around the corner going, 'what's up everybody? Let's do this damn thing!'"

The movie, which also stars Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke and Matt Bomer, is a modern take on the story about seven gunslingers who help to defend an impoverished Mexican village.

Fuqua says he always enjoyed seeing Pratt on set, especially first thing in the morning.

"I used to try to find him in the morning and he would be out there with a stick and a wire fishing by himself, catching fish. And he would cook it up. I didn't eat it! I think he and Vincent D'Onofrio ate some, and maybe Ethan; they were always together, that little crew."

Fuqua, who was honored at The Opportunity Network event, which helps underprivileged teens get into (and pay for) college and launch successful careers, also spoke highly of Pratt's fathering skills and said he talked about his son with wife Anna Faris, "...all the time. He came to the set with him, took pictures with us, he loves his little man. We named this horse after him: Jack."
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