No One Notices Cristiano Ronaldo's Soccer Skills When He's in Disguise (Video)

08/04/2015 AT 10:55 PM EDT

Would you recognize international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo? The Real Madrid forward might be able to slip by some Americans, but in Spain, where his prowess on the field has made him a superstar, it might be tough to escape notice.

… Unless he was wearing a disguise.

A new video posted Monday shows Ronaldo, 30, dressing up in schlubby clothes, a fat suit, a shaggy wig and a prop beard before he headed out into Madrid. Effectively, he is disguised as a homeless person. "People are going to think I'm crazy," he says before he hits the streets.

Once in a public space, he starts showing off his impressive footwork, but hardly anyone notices. Eventually, he finds a boy who's willing to kick the ball around with him. Unlike everyone else who wouldn't give Ronaldo the time of day, the kid bats the ball back and forth with Ronaldo, trying his best to keep up.

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Eventually, Ronaldo asks the boy his name – it's Nicolás – and Ronaldo signs the ball for him. Then he sheds his wig and beard, eliciting a big reaction from the crowd who could have cared less just moments earlier.

Suddenly, everyone is excited that there's a famous person in their midst. Ronaldo, however, is out of there. Only young Nicolás has anything to show as a result of the brief interaction.

There's a moral in this story – and it's not that you should be nice to street performers because they might be internationally famous athletes in disguise.
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