Daughter Watches in Horror as Her Diver Father Is Killed by Shark: Police


07/26/2015 AT 12:15 PM EDT

A woman watched as her father was fatally attacked by a "very large shark" Saturday off the coast of Tasmania, Australia, police said, according to the BBC.

The pair had been collecting scallops early Saturday, and the man's adult daughter had already returned to their boat, when she noticed her father never resurfaced after returning for more scallops, Tasmanian Police Inspector David Wiss said, according to Reuters.

When the daughter dove again to check on her father, who was in his 40s, she saw him being attacked by a shark, Wiss said, according to the BBC

"She immediately returned to the surface where she raised the alarm through setting off a flare and also by making an emergency phone call," Wiss said.

Nearby boaters soon offered assistance, pulling the diver from the water by his air hose, but his wounds were too severe, Wiss said.

"This is a deeply traumatic incident for the daughter," he said, according to the ABC.

It's the first fatal shark attack in Tasmania in 22 years, according to the ABC.

There were several other divers in the area, and the pair were diving in shallow water, an official with the Scallop Fishermen's Association of Tasmania said, according to the ABC.

A great white shark had recently been spotted in the water, according to the ABC, though it's not confirmed what kind of shark killed the diver.

Shark expert Marty Garwood told the Sydney Morning Herald that tracking down the offending shark to kill it could be difficult, and that there is no evidence that sharks who have killed humans are more likely to attack in the future.
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