Decorated Military Veteran Allegedly Attacked at D.C. McDonalds by Teens 'Asking If Black Lives Matter': Report

Decorated Military Veteran Allegedly Attacked at D.C. McDonalds

02/17/2016 AT 01:15 AM EST

Chris Marquez, who served in the military and spent time in Iraq, was allegedly attacked by a group of teenagers who asked him if 'black lives matter' according to a report.

Marquez said that he was in a McDonalds in northwest D.C. when the teens allegedly began taunting him before physically attacking him on Friday night, WJLA – ABC's local affiliate – reports.

"They asked me if I believe that black lives matter," he told the news station. "I initially ignored them. And because I wasn't responding back to them, they were calling me a racist."

The marine, who is also the inspiration for the "No Man Left Behind" statute at a couple Marine bases, told WJLA that he believes he was the victim of a hate crime and that he was targeted because of the color of his skin.

"I just want them to get caught, especially if they're doing this to other people," he added. "If they've done it before, they're going to do it again and hopefully they don't hurt or kill someone next time."

Marquez also said he was robbed of his wallet, which is preventing him from getting further treatment at the VA hospital, since he no longer has an ID.

According to WJLA, surveillance video of the alleged incident has not yet surfaced, as the McDonalds manager told the network that she gave it to police, but police responded, saying they were unaware of any video footage.
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