Donald Trump Found Lots of People to Go After at Tonight's GOP Debate – Even Without Jeb Bush

Donald Trump Insults Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio at GOP Debate

02/25/2016 AT 11:00 PM EST

Turns out, Jeb Bush isn't the only person Donald Trump can go after.

Tonight may have been Trump's first debate without his go-to debate punching bag, but that didn't stop him from doling out plenty of zingers throughout CNN's GOP debate.

Here's just a few...

On Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign
"He ran one terrible campaign, that's an election that should have been won."

On his fellow candidates's experience in hiring
"I'm the only one on this stage who has hired people. You've never hired anyone in your life."

On Telemundo's polls
"I don't believe anything Telemundo says."

On Ted Cruz
"You don't have one Republican senator backing you, and you work with these people, you should be ashamed with yourself."

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On Ted Cruz (again) and religious liberty
"When you say 'crazy zealot,' are you talking about yourself?"

On Ted Cruz (yes, again)
"A poll just came out where I'm beating him so badly it's embarrassing."

On Marco Rubio
"You are not a negotiator. You will never bring peace. He will never be able to do it."

On George Bush's presidency
"I think Bush did a hell of a bad job."

On John Kerry and the Iran deal
"I think he negotiated one of the worst deals in the history of our country."

On moderator Hugh Hewitt asking him too many questions
"Every question comes to me? I know i'm good for the ratings, but it's a little bit ridiculous."

Looks like Trump's got something for everyone! Well, except Ben Carson and John Kasich.
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