7 of Doris Roberts' Best Everybody Loves Raymond Moments

04/19/2016 AT 03:00 PM EDT

Doris Roberts had a long and varied career on Broadway and television before she was tapped to play Marie Barone on the long-running comedy Everybody Loves Raymond.

Roberts would ultimately win four Emmys for her performance. Here are some of the highlights from her run as Marie.

Marie, Frank and the Toaster

A gradually escalating fight over a toaster that Ray and Deb gave Frank and Marie culminates in this interaction, which is some of the finest acting Peter Boyle and Roberts would ever do together.

'Debra's Right, Raymond'

Never has an agreement between a mother-in-law like Marie and a daughter-in-law like Deb been simultaneously so sweet and so violent.

Frank and Marie Imitate Debra and Raymond

Peter Boyle might still be in character when he cracks up at the 1:11 point in this clip, but honestly, we hope it's just because he and Roberts were making each other laugh by imitating Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton to keep a straight face.

Battle of the In-Laws

The moral of this video: Don't ever give a less-than-sincere kiss hello.

Marie and the Nuns

Only Marie could summon righteous indignation in a confrontation with two nuns.

Fruit of the Month Club

Most people think that Larry David is the master of taking an ordinary situation and creating an entirely out-of-proportion reaction, but those people probably weren't watching scenes like this one.

'Why Can't You Be More Like Her?'
Regrettably, this scene isn't on YouTube: During a visit from Debra's parents, she becomes flustered with her mom's lack of help and asks her why she can't be more like Marie. Roberts' wordless reaction helped secure her Emmy nomination that year, and though she didn't win the award, she received a thunderous round of applause when the clip was shown at the 2000 ceremony.
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