Five Reasons to Tune In to Dane Cook's Showtime Special Troublemaker

Dane Cook's Showtime Special, Troublemaker – 5 Reasons to Tune In
Dane Cook
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10/17/2014 AT 07:40 PM EDT

It'll be his first comedy special in four years – and the first he's ever directed – so comedian Dane Cook was all in for his Showtime comedy special Troublemaker.

"All the mysteries of life will be revealed," the 42-year-old jokes. "No, honestly, it was me ponying up my own cash and you'll get to watch something that I truly dreamed of."

Here are five reasons you don't want to miss Friday night's special.

1. He lives up to the Troublemaker name.
"I think I say at the beginning of the show that 60 percent of relationships that are here tonight are going to be over by the end of this show, so I thought that that was appropriate," Cook says. "The show is mischievous – I've always got a little bit of that in my routine – and it's also just kind of a bit of a play on public perception. People like to see me as somebody that's always stirring things up even though, truly, that's not how I live my life."

2. It's his directorial debut!
"There was certainly a lot of pressure to it because, as a stand-up, normally it's just all about the routine," Cook tells PEOPLE. "As we got months closer to the special itself, then I was picking the right kind of cameras that captured a certain look. It was like decorating a home – this is all a canvas."

3. He'll dish on his dating life.
"In the past, relationship stuff that I've done has been kind of pivotal," says Cook. "Well, I found that as I was in the dating scene a few years back, the tech element of dating came up and how quickly relationships can also be destroyed by the way we communicate through text," he explains. "So, for couples to watch this together, I'd say make sure that your cell phones are not within reaching distance!"

4. It's all about creativity – and honesty.
"Comics really can be moody, and the way we communicate things is not always in a formulaic, bulls––– comedy set that you see on some of these other networks, where it's so edited to be precise and perfect," he explains. "What you're missing is the real comedy that's prickly, it's sometimes a little uncomfortable, sometimes it's ostentatious, and over the top and irreverent to the point of vulgar. I wanted to be able to really come at this from every side and have it be where people watch it and say, 'Yeah, not everything is so finessed and polished.' "

5. He's all grown up!
"I've never felt better in my life," admits Cook. "I've never felt more just kind of cool in my own skin. I'm not two steps ahead of myself, I'm not trying to live up to something three steps behind, so that was important that I really kind of showed people that."

Dane Cook's Troublemaker special airs Friday (10 p.m. ET) on Showtime.

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