Meet 'Float Boy,' the High School Basketball Player Whose Impressive Jump Is Captivating the Internet

Float Boy: High School Junior's Picture Takes Over Internet
Walker Stillman
Liz Brunson/Liz Brunson Photography

02/23/2016 AT 03:05 PM EST

He appears off-center in the picture, expression serene and body relaxed, seemingly hovering in mid-air, three or so feet off the ground.

He is Float Boy, né Walker Stillman, a junior at Champaign Central High School in Illinois. Snapped by longtime local photographer Liz Brunson, Stillman has achieved a measure of Internet fame for his hops, and Stillman's mom, Jane – who happens to be the high school's assistant principal – announced her intention to "hang it on the wall … so when he gets old he can remember how high he used to jump," she told Champaign's News-Gazette.

"Most the people I've heard from ask me 'What were you doing?' " Walker explained to the paper. "I had jumped for a rebound and saw that it wasn't coming my way so I kind of stopped what I was doing." The school's athletic director, John Woods, posted video of the play so people could see it wasn't fake:

Brunson, who's been photographing at Central for more than a decade (her kids graduated from the school), said she never thought the photo would go wide the way it did.

"I really didn't have much reaction when I saw the shot because I've taken plenty of pictures of Walker and I know he can jump," she told the News-Gazette. "I just thought it was funny, had no idea that it would go viral like that."
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