10 Questions We Hope Fuller House Answers About Our Beloved Tanner Family

02/25/2016 AT 12:10 PM EST

We could have called the Veronica Mars movie. We could have guessed that Twin Peaks would get a reprieve from cancellation. And it made sense that The X-Files would get a follow-up series. But Full House? All these years later? This is one we didn't see coming.

We got eight seasons and 192 episodes detailing the life lessons learned by Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), his three daughters and all the other people who came through the beautiful San Francisco Victorian they called home. And yet we're getting more in the form of Fuller House – this Friday, in fact, in true TGIF style.

Those of us who grew up watching the show still have those catchphrases bouncing around our head, and now that the Netflix sequel series is upon us, we can't help but wonder if the reboot will address some lingering questions we have about the Full House universe.

1. Does D.J. end up with Steve?

DJ's high school boyfriend, Steve (Scott Weinger), shows up in the trailer, so we know he's not completely out of the Tanners' lives. And with the news that D.J. is widowed, we have to wonder if she and Steve will end up going the Cory-and-Topanga route. That would be a standard sitcom happy ending, right? If Fuller House hangs around a while, however, we'd actually like to see D.J. do the single mom thing for a while – date around, live the single life, get into some hijinx before settling down again. After all, it took Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) until midway through season four to get hitched.

2. What happened to D.J.'s first husband?

No, we're not talking about the husband who has passed away shortly before the first episode of Fuller House. We're talking about Sylvio, the handsome Greek lad who arrived in San Francisco with Grandpa Papouli (Jack Kruschen) and Uncle Jesse lookalike Cousin Stavros in the show's fourth season. He walked three times around the kitchen table with D.J., which – according to the show – meant they were married according to Greek tradition. That actor, Josh Blake, also acted on ALF which featured the second-most-famous Tanner family in sitcom-dom, and while an ALF-Full House crossover seems like a stretch, we wouldn't mind seeing D.J. revisit some of her past "Oh Mylanta" romances.

3. What is the story with Michelle?

When it came out that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen weren't reprising the role they shared on the show, Michelle Tanner, the Internet threw a hissy fit. But hear us out on this: It actually makes sense that they'd opt out. Neither has acted much lately, choosing instead to focus on fashion and other ventures. After all, that's the life they chose for themselves, as opposed to the one they were born into. Besides, when they were on the show, they were young enough that they might not have the same memories that the older cast members have.

In the trailer, we see D.J. (Candace Cameron), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy (Andrea Barber) make a late-night call to an offscreen Michelle. As PEOPLE reported, their kid sister is now living on the East Coast, running a fashion empire. Even if she doesn't appear in this first season, though, we're kind of hoping for a tidbit or two about how she ended up becoming the only Tanner to leave San Francisco and apparently make a big name for herself. How famous is she? Did her sisters' profoundly '90s outfits influence her aesthetic? What's her line called – Squirt? Munchkin? "You're in Big Trouble, Mister?"

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4. Will there be an Aunt Becky 2.0?

It's cool how Fuller House is reinterpreting the original show's basic formula. D.J., recently widowed, is the Danny; Kimmy is the Joey (Dave Coulier), the goofy non-family member moving into the house; and Stephanie is the Uncle Jesse, the cool, worldly one who puts her life on hold to return to the family. But that raises the question of whether Stephanie will get an Aunt Becky of her own – some nice guy who moves in and acts like the dad that D.J.'s sons need. Our pick? Harry Takayama, Stephanie's childhood buddy. Spoiler alert: Harry is actually coming back, even. Played in the original series by Nathan Nishiguchi, the role will be played in Fuller House by actor Michael Lee Sun.

5. Does Danny still have OCD?

Aside from a never-ending supply of fatherly advice, Danny was known for obsessively cleaning the house. And while that makes sense – there was no maid, no one else was cleaning, and by the end, that house had nine people and one dog living in it – it seems more than likely that poor Danny developed this obsession as a result of unresolved grief due to the sudden death of his wife. Is he still doing that? Is he better now? Let's hope so.

6. Speaking of Danny, did he ever find a second love?

Over the run of the original show, Danny had a few recurring loves: Cindy the dry-cleaning lady (Debra Sandlund), for example, and also Vicky (Gail Edwards, a.k.a. Six's mom on Blossom), whom he actually proposed to before she left San Francisco for her dream job. There's nothing wrong with single life, but it seems like it would have been nice if Danny could have found someone who also likes cleaning. Reportedly, CSI: Miami vet Eva LaRue was cast as Terri Tanner, Danny's new wife on Fuller House. But do the girls like her or is she an evil stepmonster? That's the question.

7. What ever happened to Kathy Santoni?

Kathy (Anne Marie McEvoy) was the classmate that D.J. and Kimmy were always trying to keep up with. She blossomed before D.J. and Kimmy did, she became popular, and in the show's seventh season, she became a cautionary high school tale when she got pregnant. This scared the bejeezus out of overprotective Danny – Steve had just gotten his own apartment – but we'd like to see how D.J. and her popular friend compare all these years later.

8. Who actually owns the Tanner house?

Based on the premise of Fuller House, it would seem like Danny just handed the family home over to D.J. And that's fair – she is the oldest, after all. But Stephanie and Michelle might object if they researched how much that house would be worth today. According to this SF Gate post, a five-bedroom, five-bathroom house a lot like the Full House house sold in June 2015 for $2.8 million – and we're guessing it didn't have a fully converted attic and a basement fitted with a recording studio, either. Forget having Stephanie and Kimmy move in; D.J. could just get full-time nannies … but that, of course, wouldn't be nearly as fun to watch.

9. Do Jesse & The Rippers still play?

We hope that Uncle Jesse has moved on to big things all these years later, but surely there will be some Tanner family milestone that can be made all the more poignant with a soft rock ballad by Jesse's band. PEOPLE spotted some actual, original Rippers during a visit to the Fuller House set.

10. Do the Tanners still keep in touch with Urkel?

Fuller House need not only bring back the Tanners. Don't forget that the show featured a Family Matters crossover that had Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) teaching Stephanie to accept her new eyeglasses. Family Matters, itself a spin-off of Perfect Strangers, had a crossover with Step by Step, which in turn had a crossover with Boy Meets World. Do you see what we're saying? It's entirely possible that the Fuller House kids could meet the Girl Meets World kids – legal technicalities aside, of course.
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