Lori Loughlin Adorably Surprised Her Fuller House Costar Candace Cameron Bure on The View

02/19/2016 AT 01:25 PM EST

The View house was a little fuller on Friday when Lori Loughlin dropped in to surprise her Fuller House costar Candace Cameron Bure, who co-hosts the ABC talk show.

After airing a sneak peek at the upcoming Netflix reboot, Loughlin, 51, walked out onto stage. Cameron Bure couldn't contain her excitement and jumped out of her seat to give her costar a hug.

"I can't believe you!" Cameron Bure, 39, gushed before explaining that Loughlin had sneakily tricked her into believing she wouldn't be making it on the show.

"Okay, so, Lori was on another show this morning – I knew she was in New York so I said: 'Come say hi, you're right in the studio!' and she said: 'Oh I will,' and then she texted me an hour ago and said: "Oh, they just booked me on something, I'll see you in L.A.!' "

The notoriously tight-knit cast of the hit '90s sitcom have remained friends in the years that followed and are now closer than ever after getting back together to work on the much-anticipated reboot.

"We have many generations of fans now because it's lived on in syndication for so many years," Loughlin said of the show's popularity. "And then it's been worldwide, so globally when this goes on Feb. 26 I don't even think Netflix knows what to be prepared for!"

"I think it was good show, family show, good morals, and I think as a cast we do all love each other so much," Loughlin continued. "The chemistry that we had and the fun that we were having came across to the viewers at home, and I think it was palpable. It's so touching!"

As for reuniting back on set, the actress said that, within no time it felt like the good old days: "It was surreal, it was emotional and then it was like we had never left. We kind of picked up where we left off."

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Both actresses took to social media afterwards to gush about the mini-reunion, with Loughlin calling it the "highlight of the day" and Cameron Bure thanking Loughlin for her "favorite surprise of the day."

Fuller House premieres on Netflix on Feb. 26.
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