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Which Game of Thrones Star Says 'It's Getting Frustrating' That People Keep Asking About Jon Snow's Fate?

04/11/2016 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The evidence that Jon Snow is dead is pretty compelling, but Game of Thrones fans are hoping against hope that their favorite character will avoid the show's merciless tendency to kill its stars.

Unfortunately for Snow (and Kit Harington) supporters, though, one insider has bad news.

"He is really dead. Sadly he is really dead, and I know that people find that hard to believe," star John Bradley-West confirms once and for all – he hopes!

According to the actor who plays Snow's best friend Sam, "It's getting frustrating now the fact that people – no offense – the fact that people ask the question. But I think it just shows how we've captured the kind of public imagination with it."

But costar Sophie Turner says fans can fill the void left by Jon Snow's exit with some meaty plot lines for the HBO hit's female characters.

"It's a big season for all the characters in general, but the women are really badass this season," says Turner. "It's exciting."

Game of Thrones returns for its sixth season April 24 on HBO.

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