Gisele Bündchen Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Walk the Runway and Shares How Modeling Helps Her 'Be the Best Mom I Can Be'

04/28/2016 AT 10:20 AM EDT

Step aside rookie, let the queen show you how it's done!

On Wednesday, Gisele Bündchen appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to teach the late-night host how to be a supermodel.

Bündchen enthusiastically taught Fallon how to strut his stuff like a model. The host, while donning a pair of royal beaded heels, left his desk and walked with his guest down to the stage.

"Put the chest forward, squeeze the belly in, [and] shake the hips," the model instructed him while strutting her stuff down the stage. After one walk, she stepped aside to let the host give it a whirl.

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Fallon, 41, was a bit shaky in the pumps at first, but he managed to impress the seasoned model. He began to follow her technique and shake his hips while catwalking up and down the stage.

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Prior to tearing up the catwalk, Fallon asked the model, 35, what her plans are for the future, now that she's retired from the runway.

"I'm kind of really focusing on, I have kids, and I'm really focusing on being the best mom I can be and my family," Bündchen said. "[I'm"] just kind of taking this year as a sabbatical to see where my life will take me, just kind of see what the next 20 years are going to look like. I'm just waiting to be inspired."

Though Bündchen recently retired from the runway, it looks like she may have a new career as a model coach.
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