GloZell Green Explains How She Almost Got Kicked Out of the White House

GloZell Green Explains How She Almost Got Kicked Out of the White House
Ramona Rosales

07/25/2015 AT 03:30 PM EDT

GloZell Green almost got kicked out of the White House – and no, it wasn't because she called Michelle Obama President Barack Obama's "first wife"".

The "Queen of YouTube," 52, told her fans at VidCon on Friday that her sit-down with POTUS in January almost never happened.

"I almost kicked out," she told the audience. "You don't know because that part didn't air."

"I was so excited, but when you're in the White House, they treat it like a library, except there's no signs that say you can't be loud," she explained.

The comedian/vlogger, known for her signature green lips and out outrageous personality, has always labeled herself as a bit of a loud talker.

"So when the president landed with a helicopter on the yard," she said she started screaming, "Oh my God! It's the president!"

The Secret Service proceeded to give her such a sharp shhhing, she thought she might be getting the boot.

Fortunately, the interview came to fruition, resulting in a 12-minute Q&A with Obama – and the now infamous "first wife" slip of the tongue.

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As Green handed the president a tube of her green lipstick, she said, "One for your first wife." Of course, she meant to say "First Lady."

"My first wife?" Obama joked. "Do you know something I don't?"

Green told PEOPLE at the time, "Thank goodness he's got a sense of humor. You could see the faces of everybody around me and it was pure terror. Fortunately, President Barack Obama was very kind and helped me out a bit."

Reporting by GABY OYLA
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