Watch: Estelle Getty Channels Alicia Silverstone in a Golden Girls Parody of Clueless

07/20/2015 AT 05:00 PM EDT

It's been fun looking back on the 20th anniversary of the teen classic Clueless, which first hit theaters on July 21, 1995. But one of the more surprising bits of Clueless nostalgia to surface actually comes from 1996, from the first MTV Movie Awards to air after the film's release.

Even die-hard Golden Girls fans may have forgotten that the awards show featured a Clueless parody featuring Estelle Getty as Cher, Betty White as Dionne and Rue McClanahan as a fusion of Tai and Amber.

(No, there's no Bea Arthur, which is a travesty as she clearly should have played Amber.)

Celebrating Betty: Our Beloved (and Kinda Raunchy!) National

The clip allowed the cast to reunite following the end of Golden Girls in 1992 and the cancellation of the short-lived spinoff The Golden Palace in 1993. (Notably, Arthur didn't star in the spin-off either.)

In case you're wondering, Clueless didn't take top honors at that year's Movie Awards. The big winner was Seven, though Alicia Silverstone did win in the categories of Best Female Performance and Most Desirable Female.

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