The Goonies Sequel's Plot Reportedly Written by Steven Spielberg

updated 04/24/2014 AT 10:35 AM EDT

originally published 04/23/2014 AT 04:25 PM EDT

Goonies never say die.

And neither does Steven Spielberg.

While talk of a sequel to the iconic 1985 film has been heard before, original Goonies director Richard Donner recently doled out a few interesting details, notably that Steven Spielberg apparently came up with the sequel's plot.

"Hopefully we're going to get this done, period," Donner told TMZ. "Spielberg came up with the idea of doing a sequel after 30 years. You don't do it without him, and he came up with another storyline and he's right on."

As to the likelihood of the film's original cast members returning, Donner said: "It's up to them. If they have any sense, they will. If they don't, they won't."

Sounds like we might get one last Goonies weekend after all. Good enough!

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