Disgusted Gordon Ramsay Tries Girl Scout Cookies for the First Time, Spits Out a Thin Mint

02/25/2016 AT 11:45 AM EST

Gordon Ramsay deserves one of his own signature screaming sessions for this food offense.

The British Hell's Kitchen host stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday to try Girl Scout cookies for the first time, and his reaction was downright un-American.

"I mean, visually they look like dog biscuits," the infamously acerbic chef said as the audience laughed.

His reviews?

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The Chocolate and peanut butter Tagalongs were "okay" and coconut Samoas were "small" and "a bit weird," but they all paled in comparison to troops' most popular product (and Jimmy Kimmel's favorite, when frozen and devoured by the sleeve).

Ramsay, 49, ended up spitting out a Thin Mint, declaring, "That's like a cheap, half-rate dinner mint."

"Gordon Ramsay's visa just expired," cracked Kimmel, 48.

Clearly someone hasn't seen the trailer for The Boss: Don't mess with little girls selling cookies.

To find Girl Scouts selling cookies near you visit www.girlscoutcookies.org or use the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app.
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