Introducing the Mankini: Chest Hair Gag or Hot Summer Trend?

Men Shaving Chest Hair into Bikini Design
Man shaving chest
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updated 07/08/2014 AT 11:10 AM EDT

originally published 07/07/2014 AT 03:55 PM EDT

Bikini tops: They aren't just for women anymore.

Some daring dudes on the Web are claiming this look for themselves in a very hairy yet hilarious way. As the summer sun kicks into high gear, photos of fellas rocking "mankinis" have been popping up online.

A mankini isn't simply a dude who dons a two-piece suit. No, these swimwear trailblazers sculpt themselves a bikini top by shaving their chest hair into the appropriate shape. The results are an example of next-level manscaping that is ready to go viral. So, gentlemen, if you are looking for a way to earn attention at the beach/water park/pool this season, take a cue from the guys below.

Don't be afraid to make the mankini a family affair.

Like any outfit, accessorizing is key with this hot new trend.

Wondering what to do with the straps? Connect them to a mustache for a seamless summer look.

Girls love my new six-pack!

This feminine touch to chest hair appears to be a hit with the ladies.

What are you waiting for? Grab your razor and give this furry fashion statement a boost!

Introducing the Mankini: Chest Hair Gag or Hot Summer Trend?| Around the Web

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