Hasbro Wants to Make You into an Action Figure

Hasbro and 3DPlusme Create Super Awesome Me
Hasbro's Super Awesome Me figure
Courtesy Hasbro

09/24/2014 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Does the child (or child at heart) in your life want to become an action figure?

(The answer to that question is obviously a resounding "yes.")

Fortunately, Hasbro and 3DPlusMe are here to help save the day.

The toy giant and 3D-printing company have partnered for Super Awesome Me, basically the immersive action figure experience of your dreams. Through Sept. 28, children of all ages can visit a scanning station at one of 10 Walmart stores of two Sam's Club locations, get their likeness scanned, and have a custom, 3D-printed version of their face put a fully articulated figure of either Iron Man or Captain America.

Incredibly, the concept came together in just six weeks. With a price point of $45 and a turn-around time of three to four weeks, Super Awesome Me is perfect for a holiday gift. (The process itself is lightning-quick: A scan takes 30 seconds, and the mapping process takes under five minutes.)

PEOPLE took a spot in the hot seat for the scanning process and found the whole thing went smoothly and felt excitingly futuristic – like stepping into a gadget from Guardians of the Galaxy.)

The current offerings are tied to Marvel's Super Hero September Campaign, but more characters are expected down the line, and the kiosks will rotate to other stores. (coughBlack Widowcough)

We've seen all kinds of 3D-printed action figures pop up recently, but as the technology improves, we can't think of a better way to utilize it than by having kids finally be able to step into the shoes (or armored boots) of their favorite superheroes.

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