Former White House Gardener Selling Hillary Clinton's Old Wheels After His Daughter Refuses to Drive What 'Looks Like Old-Lady Car'

Former White House Staffer Selling Hillary Clinton's Old Car
Mike Lawn with Hillary Clinton's Oldsmobile
Clare Becker/The (Hanover, Pa.) Evening Sun via AP

04/12/2016 AT 05:40 PM EDT

Hillary Clinton may be a former first lady, U.S. senator, secretary of state and the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president, but to former White House gardener Mike Lawn's daughter, Clinton's just your average "old lady."

At least when it comes to the car she used to drive.

Lawn purchased Clinton's 1986 Oldsmobile during an auction in 2000 for White House staff, planning to give the car to his daughter to drive when she turned 16.

His daughter, however, had other ideas.

"She said it looked like an old lady's car," Lawn told The Evening Sun. "She didn't know why it had cranks in the windows."

Now, since his daughter doesn't want it, Lawn is selling the car. And with primary season in full swing, he couldn't have picked a better time to capitalize on the Clinton chatter. He says the car has been appraised $8,7000 without the Clinton effect, which is bound to kick up a notch.

The car is a true vintage – it even has a "Clinton for Governor" sticker on the back windshield, as well as Arkansas license plates, a nod to the Clintons' one-time home state. Lawn says that he also saw Chelsea Clinton behind the wheel from time to time, prepping for her driver's test.

Despite the vehicle's age, it's in pretty good shape. During the Clinton administration, it was rarely driven, just a few times a year to keep the battery running. Today, it has just 32,000 miles on it.

Lawn worked at the White House starting during the Carter years through George W. Bush's administration.

Lawn's daughter, however, may have a point to her "old lady" car claims: Oldsmobiles haven't been manufactured since 2004.
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