What Is Your State's Most Iconic Horror Movie?

Map of Horror Movies Shows Iconic Films from Each State
From left: Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), Michael Myers (Halloween) and Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
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07/02/2014 AT 05:40 PM EDT

What's the most American horror story: Friday the 13th? A Nightmare on Elm Street? … Leprechaun? We're not sure, but thanks to Reddit user ubermatze, we at least have fodder for discussion. He (or she) created this awesome map of the U.S., with each state's most iconic's logo overlaid.

Some of them are fairly obvious: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's title doesn't leave much to the imagination, and 30 Days of Night is pretty inextricably tied to Alaska, because, well, what other state has 30 days of night?

But did you know that Leprechaun takes place in North Dakota? Or that while Night of the Living Dead takes place in Monroeville, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Pittsburgh), The Return of the Living Dead takes place in Kentucky?

Well, now you know – and knowing is half the zombie/serial killer/poltergeist battle.

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